Improve efficiency, reporting and ultimately cash flow

Base Sync will improve efficiency and provide enhanced real time reporting allowing you to make better and more timely decisions. And having information like staff timesheets in real time means you can invoice faster, improving cash flow.

Reduce wastage in your highest cost area

Your highest expense area is your staff wages. When not managed and accounted for accurately and efficiently, the wastage can be huge. Base Sync shows you where this wastage is occurring and allows you to stop it – whether it is caused by mistakes or something more malicious.

What is Base Sync?

Base Sync is a range of mobile and cloud based applications that help improve efficiency and reduce waste in your business.

Track everything from timesheets to fatigue management for staff and contractors, to plant and equipment to fuel cards and added transparancy through employee GPS tracking.

Catch irregularities when they happen, not when they are invoiced.

Use your existing infrastructure and mobile devices more efficiently to reduce inefficient activities and processes and enable more productive time management and cost efficiencies


Fast Easy Setup

Base Sync is a fully hosted and secure application. There is no burden on your existing IT systems or changes to your infrastructure. All you need is access to a standard web browser and smart phones or mobile devices.

All resource entries are made via a smartphone using a lightweight mobile application that uses minimal data resources and requires little setup and training.

Base Sync can also be integrated with your other business process software and systems seamlessly including all popular accounting, project management, CMMS and operational software.

Who uses Base Sync?

Base Sync is specifically designed for businesses with resources off site.

From construction, mining and logistics, to security, cleaning and event management. Any business that needs to track off site resources, be it staff, contractors or plant and equipment, Base Sync will track it and allow you to use your resources as efficiently as possible.

Base Sync saves businesses money by providing the intelligence to make decisions in real time as things are happening, not after the fact when wastage has already occurred at cost to your business.

Arrange Your Free Trial

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